Making breakups suck less.

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Breaking up in the digital age really sucks

Kissy pictures, gushing posts, sappy statuses

We've all been there. Digitally marking our relationship territory.

But what happens if you break up?

Where does the love go?

And more importantly, what do you do with all those painful reminders of your now defunct relationship, etched into your digital life?





KillSwitch - The app that seamlessly and discreetly removes traces of your ex from your Facebook profile, so you can move on.

No more detagging. No more account deactivation. No more staring at your ex's stupid face every time you login.

Simply Download

And let our team of experienced robots comb through your Facebook profile, removing pictures, videos, wall posts and status updates tagged with your ex.

Easy as 1, 2, 3. Identify target - Select the posts - Make the kill. Just in case, all deleted pictures are stored in a hidden album on your Facebook (so you can laugh about them later, or reinstate if the relationship is rekindled).

And the best part? A portion of the proceeds will be donated to the American Heart Association of New York so broken hearts can help broken hearts [and you can feel even better about moving on].

Because everyone deserves a fresh start and outta sight outta mind is the 1st step to making breakups suck just a little bit less.

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About ClearHart

ClearHart specializes in discovering the human element in tech. KillSwitch is our answer to Social Media.

Relationships ending and moving on is an essential, healthy part of life. And while Social Media intends to reflect many aspects of the human experience, it doesn't yet easily reflect that key element--the end of relationships. With KillSwitch, we're trying to fill that gap, bridge online with offline. To help people to move on in their digital lives as much as they want and need to in their personal lives.

It's not a vindictive tool, it's part of a healing process, an assertion of independence, and getting closer to what's right for you after discovering what wasn't. After all, how many movies have you seen of people burning pictures post-breakup? It's arguably a staple of rom-coms (at least as far as we know, but then again White Chicks, Star Wars, and 007 are our favorite movies). KillSwitch is just the digital age's version of that.

ClearHart wields emergent tech for creative marketing solutions. Entrepreneurial and innovative, we see ideas through from conception to implementation, like a cross functional team of ninjas. But anyone can get tingly about tech, social, and mobile. It's turning the flashy into the actually useful/impactful/effective that we're slam-dunky at.

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